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Top Stories: G-7 Meets On Ukraine; Plane Hunters See More Objects

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- Ukraine Orders Its Troops Out Of Crimea As G-7 Meets On Crisis.

-- Planes Spot More Floating Objects As Airliner Search Continues.

-- 8 Dead, Many Still Missing In Washington State Mudslide.

And here are more early headlines:

Obama Begins European Visit In Netherlands, Crimea Leads Talks. ( AP)

Egypt Sentences Hundreds Of Muslim Brotherhood Activists To Death. ( Reuters)

Turkey Shoots Down Syrian Jet In Alleged Airspace Violation. ( BBC)

"Extremely Serious" Oil Spill Blocks Houston Ship Channel. ( USA Today)

Unclear If Michigan To Recognize New Same Sex Marriages. ( Detroit Free Press)

French Anti-Immigrant Party Ahead In Municipal Election Returns. ( Telegraph)

More U.S. Troops Join Uganda Search For Warlord Kony. ( New York Times)

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