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Canadian Author Farley Mowat Dies At 92


Now, to the arctic tundra of Canada. Farley Mowat lived there researching wolves, and in 1963, he wrote "Never Cry Wolf," a memoir crediting with transforming the animal's image from savage killer to intelligent, noble animal. Farley Mowat died yesterday. He was 92, and in his long life he wrote 40 books pioneering an activist-style of environmental writing. Often, his focus was the landscape and people of northern Canada.

FARLEY MOWAT: It combines the best of wilderness and the least obnoxious of civilization.

MONTAGNE: Mowat was known to take factual liberties.

MOWAT: I'm an instinctive man, a subjective man. I've tried to fulfill the function that is in me, which is that of the storyteller, and that's a good function.

MONTAGNE: Remembering storyteller Farley Mowat, who died yesterday. This is NPR News. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.