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Top Stories: Ukraine Signs EU Trade Deal; Iraqi Cleric Seeks Leader

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- Ukraine Signs Trade Deal With EU, Risking Russia's Ire.

-- Top Shiite Cleric Calls For Deal On Next Iraqi Leader Amid Crisis.

-- Suarez Ban Is 'Excessive', Bite Victim Says.

And here are more early headlines:

Human Rights Watch: Iraqi Mass Execution Site Pinpointed. ( HRW)

Thousands Of Ukrainian Refugees Run To Russia. ( VOA)

Dozens Evacuated From Alaskan Lodge In Flooded Denali National Park. ( Fairbanks Daily News-Miner)

Maine Governor Aims To Limit State Benefits To Migrants. ( AP)

Pregnant Runner Races 800 Meters At National Track Championships. ( KNTV-TV)

Mary Rodgers Dies, Composed "Once Upon A Mattress". ( Playbill)

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Korva Coleman is a newscaster for NPR.