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Joe Henry On Marriage And The Songs That Embody It

Joe Henry's latest album is <em>Invisible Hour</em>.
Sarah Tilotta
Joe Henry's latest album is Invisible Hour.

Joe Henry sounds like a pretty good name for a no-nonsense jack-of-all-trades, a guy devoted to family who knows about a day's pay for a day's work, and about commitment. His particular line of work has made him a much-sought-after record producer for the likes of Mose Allison, Bonnie Raitt and Solomon Burke, just to name a few, and has put a few Grammys on his shelf. But he has always returned to his own muse, his own songs and his own life as a performer.

Henry has just released his 13th album, Invisible Hour.He spoke about it with NPR's Don Gonyea, and performed a few songs live in NPR's studios. Hear it all at the audio link.

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