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Talking With Hey Rosetta!, A Great Big Band From Newfoundland

Hey Rosetta!'s latest album is <em>Second Sight</em>.
Scott Blackburn
Courtesy of the artist
Hey Rosetta!'s latest album is Second Sight.

On the eastern edge of North America there's a sprawling Canadian island known for its dramatic coastlines, expansive barrens, and dense evergreen forests. Not exactly the place where you might expect an indie-rock band to find a following.

The seven-piece orchestral group Hey Rosetta! has always called Newfoundland home — but its rich, layered arrangements, poetic songwriting and smooth, simple vocal style have made a name for the band far beyond its island town. Hey Rosetta!'s latest album, Second Sight, is out this week, and lead singer and songwriter Tim Baker joined NPR's Rachel Martin from the CBC studios in Moncton, New Brunswick to talk about it. Hear their conversation at the audio link.

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