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Top Stories: Ferguson Reviews Court Agreement; More On Yesterday's Voting

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- 5 Headlines That Explain Tuesday's Primary Results In Michigan And Beyond.

-- Ferguson Council Revives Deal On Courts And Police, Plans A Vote.

And here are more early headlines:

North Korea Claims It Can Fit Small Nuclear Bombs On Missiles. ( CNN)

Japanese Court Orders 2 Nuclear Reactors Shut Down. ( AFP)

Australia Reviewing Agreement To Return Asylum-Seekers To Iran. ( Guardian)

Very Heavy Rain Expected For Southern Plains, Central Gulf Coast. ()

CDC Director Visits Puerto Rico To Discuss Zika Challenges. ( Reuters)

Suspect Wanted In 5 Shooting Deaths In Kansas, Missouri, Is Arrested. ( Kansas City Star)

Last Year's Iditarod Winner, Dallas Seavey, Currently Leading Race. ()

Google's Artificial Intelligence Program Beats "Go" Grandmaster. ( Korea Times)

Famed Beatles Producer, George Martin, Dies At 90. ( USA Today)

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