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Ask The FCC


From late night TV to your Twitter feed, the Federal Communications Commission’s vote on net neutrality is a hot topic.

The FCC has been reversing and revising a number of regulations, bringing a new level of attention to a federal body that’s usually not the subject of so much public debate.

We’ll start off with current FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr. We want you to call us at (855) 236-1212 and ask Carr your questions. Then, we’ll say goodbye to the commissioner and talk with Gigi Sohn, who was a senior advisor to former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

You can also send us your questions using this form.


Brendan Carr, Commissioner on the Federal Communications Commission; former FCC General Counsel and advisor to FCC Chair Ajit Pai; @BrendanCarrFCC

Gigi Sohn, Distinguished fellow, Georgetown Institute for Technology Law & Policy; fellow, Open Society Foundations; former senior advisor to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler from 2013-2016; @gigibsohn

For more, visit https://the1a.org.

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