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Tyra Banks Takes Her Mama's Advice, Turns It Into A Book

Carolyn London (L) and her daughter, Tyra Banks in 2003.
Jimmy Fikes
Carolyn London (L) and her daughter, Tyra Banks in 2003.

Nobody’s perfect. And that’s a good thing. It’s also a lesson supermodel and entrepreneur Tyra Banks learned early on from her mother, Carolyn London.

London, a retired photographer, not only supported her daughter through a wildly successful career in fashion, she helped Banks through the pressures and challenges of the industry early on with wise words and honest dialogue.

The only way to live a perfect life is to not take risks, to just sit in a little box and never go after what you want or reach for your goals (because, God forbid, ya could try and ya could fail, and that sho’ ain’t perfect). When you care a lot about someone or something, you’re more likely to do imperfect things. Ya know, like freak out and yell.

So what was I gonna do?

Try to sweep the imperfections under my Kool-Aid-colored red wig, or air it out, even if it got a little messy?

Well, Mama always taught me not be afraid of messy.

Even if it was a hot mess.

— from *Perfect Is Boring* by Tyra And Her Mama

The two have now co-authored a book called Perfect Is Boring, based on London’s advice. It’s written to speak to readers who need grounding or a boost of confidence — and it speaks volumes about the strength of their relationship, even in imperfect times.


Tyra Banks, Model and entrepreneur; co-author, “Perfect Is Boring”; @tyrabanks

Carolyn London, Retired photographer; mother of Tyra Banks; co-author, “Perfect Is Boring”

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