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Can't Find Time To Read? Poetry Might Make The Perfect Gift

If you have friends or family members who insist they have "no time to read," poet Tess Taylor says you should consider giving them poetry for the holidays: "We are all busy, and poetry is short," Taylor explains. "So you can actually reroute your day productively in like five minutes with something that really captures your imagination, takes you to a different place, and then allows you to return a little altered — which is I think what we all want from reading."

This year, All Things Consideredis inviting writers to talk about the books they'll be gifting. Here's Taylor's list:

For more reading recommendations,visit the NPR 2018 Book Concierge— more than 300 titles, hand-picked by NPR staff and book critics.

Justine Kenin and Jolie Myers produced and edited this interview for broadcast. Beth Novey adapted it for the Web.

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Mary Louise Kelly is a co-host of All Things Considered, NPR's award-winning afternoon newsmagazine.