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Dating While Gray

Laura Stassi, host of 'Dating While Gray.'
Laura Stassi, host of 'Dating While Gray.'

You know Tinder and Bumble. Swiping, texting … ghosting.

Who do you imagine when you hear about these terms and apps? Is the person a single millennial? That’s not necessarily the case.

From Pew Research Center:

During their young adulthood, Baby Boomers had unprecedented levels of divorce. Their marital instability earlier in life is contributing to the rising divorce rate among adults ages 50 and older today, since remarriages tend to be less stable than first marriages. The divorce rate for adults ages 50 and older in remarriages is double the rate of those who have only been married once (16 vs. eight per 1,000 married persons, respectively). Among all adults 50 and older who divorced in 2015, 48% had been in their second or higher marriage.

So single people over 50 are looking for love.

And a recent study of online dating practices found that “men’s desirability peaks at age 50. But women’s desirability starts high at age 18 and falls throughout their lifespan.”

So what’s it like to date while gray? Podcaster Laura Stassi found herself newly single after her nearly 30-year marriage ended. She’s been working in the WAMU Pod Shop, a podcast incubator at our home station, working on a podcast that tells “the true stories of people age 50 and older who are seeking that special someone.”

Listen to the pilot of her podcast here

We’re speaking to Stassi about what it’s been like, and what she’s learned, as a part of our series on modern dating, Cuffin’ Season.

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Laura Stassi, Host and creator of the Dating While Gray podcast

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