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Sunday Puzzle: Hinkity-Pinkity

Sunday Puzzle
Sunday Puzzle

On-air challenge:Every answer is a rhyming two-word phrase, in which each word has three syllables.

Ex. Beverage that stands out --> Notable Potable

1. How-to book that comes out once a year

2. Recollection of a university in Atlanta

3. Careful examination of a rebellion on a ship

4. Personal journal written with hot language

5. Yorkshire dog that's more jolly

6. Sweepstakes involving clayware

7. Devotion to kings and queens

8. Event sent by God involving a ball

9. Curtains that have the texture of writing material

10. Dressing table for a seacow

11. Small group of people who certify documents

12. Frozen stick in the shape of a three-wheeled children's conveyance

Last week's challenge: This challenge came from Adam Cohen of Brooklyn. Think of a well-known entertainer, six letters in the first name, four letters in the last. You can change the first letter of the entertainer's last name to name an animal. And you can change the first letter of the entertainer's first name to get what kind of animal that is.

Challenge Answer: Celine Dion --> Lion, feline

Winner: George Hoffman of Berrington, Ill.

This week's challenge: This week's challenge comes from my colleague Stan Newman, who's the crossword editor for Newsday. Many famous people's names contain three pairs of double letters, like Johnny Appleseed and the actress Jennifer Connelly. But there are two famous fiction writers — one male, one female — whose names have four pairs of double letters. The male writer is Tennessee Williams. Who is the popular female writer?

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If you know the answer to next week's challenge, submit it here. Listeners who submit correct answers win a chance to play the on-air puzzle. Important: Include a phone number where we can reach you by Thursday, March 26, at 3 p.m. ET.

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NPR's Puzzlemaster Will Shortz has appeared on Weekend Edition Sunday since the program's start in 1987. He's also the crossword editor of The New York Times, the former editor of Games magazine, and the founder and director of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (since 1978).