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The Socially-Distanced 1A Movie Club: ‘The Vast Of Night’

While some of the best films of the century have been directed by auteurs who cut their teeth in school, filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino are famous for learning how to make movies by going to see films rather than going to film school.That’s the route Andrew Patterson chose. His debut, The Vast of Night,is about a mysterious noise in a 1950’s New Mexico town.

The Vast of Night takes a gilded approach to the tinfoil era of UFOs. After hearing a mysterious sound from the stars, the film follows the story of a switchboard operator and a radio DJ as they investigate it.

Here’s more, from Slate’s review:

the biggest electric train set any boy ever had.” And yet it is rare to see a feature film that communicates any of that delight, any of the sheer  fun of playing around with the possibilities the medium offers.  The Vast of Night, the debut feature from director Andrew Patterson and screenwriters James Montague and Craig W. Sanger, arriving on Amazon Prime on May 29, is one of the exceptions: Every scene has been staged and shot with intelligence, intent, inventiveness, and a sense of play. To watch it is to get excited about the billions of different ways you can combine sound and moving images to tell a story.

For this month’s meeting of the 1A Movie Club, we’ll watch and talk  The Vast of Night with Patterson and you.

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Avery Kleinman