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From Neil Best's Desk

Neil Best
Neil Best

Dear Friends,

Earlier this month we marked the first year of Colorado Edition, KUNC’s news magazine. The program launched on Labor Day, September 2, 2019, with the expectation we would focus not only on critical issues in Colorado, but also with a commitment to tell stories from our communities reflecting where we live.

The production team for the program has worked with the entire news team to create significantly more content that is available to all of us as a broadcast service, as a podcast, and online. Beginning in June the program moved from a Monday-Thursday 6:30 pm schedule to include a re-broadcast Tuesday-Friday at 8:30 am.

Within the 30-minute format, Colorado Edition has also created a number of opportunities. As a magazine the KUNC news team has the space necessary for reporting stories in a series and to create documentaries, devoting the entire broadcast to a single topic. It has also encouraged partnering with a number of news organizations in Colorado, including BizWest, the Colorado Sun, and Chalkbeat. In the last few weeks, we launched a digital newsletter on Saturday mornings highlighting the work of the past week. And this month we are using the Colorado Edition format to partner with 1A Across America to highlight critical issues during this election cycle.

You may wonder what the driving forces were behind the creation of Colorado Edition. The first was a recognition of the challenges journalism faces in Colorado and the need for KUNC to invest in our commitment to provide coverage of Colorado issues. The second is the continuing support from you, the KUNC members, who provide us the financial resources which have allowed for the continual growth of the KUNC newsroom through your memberships.

We are humbled by your support. Thank you!

Warm Regards,