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From Neil Best's Desk

Neil Best
Neil Best

Dear Friends,
I write today mindful of the turbulent times we find ourselves in. My thoughts are with you and yours in hopes you are safe and well.

You continue to play a vital role in our continuing service to the communities we serve as members of KUNC. On behalf of all the listeners and users of KUNC, thank you for your support.

While so much of what we used to call “normal” is on hold this year, all of us at KUNC remain focused on the future and how we can best be of service. I’d like to share a couple of ways we are evolving in the KUNC Newsroom with you.

Stephanie Daniel has spent the last couple of years focusing on educational issues and the challenge of opioid use. While she will continue to follow those issues, her new beat is described as “The American Dream.” Stephanie says the phrase was coined in 1931 and has inspired people to work hard and dream big. She will be asking the question “is it achievable today?” Her reporting will examine the barriers people face and overcome to succeed.

Leigh Paterson has been part of the “Guns & America” reporting project for the past two years, along with colleagues across the country. As that project winds down, Leigh will now focus on the lasting impacts the pandemic is having on our mental health as it relates to depression, stress, and anxiety. Suicide rates are high in Colorado and the rate is well above the national average. Leigh will seek to improve our understanding of mental illness, access to care, and solutions.

These are just two examples of how your support is furthering our efforts to enhance a more informed citizenry. Of course, your support is also making possible all of the NPR coverage you hear on KUNC.

Next week we will be conducting an on-air membership drive to raise funds needed to continue KUNC’s news and information service. As a member, there are a number of ways you can help ensure the success of this drive in as short of a time span as possible. Here are some ideas:

· If you are a sustaining member consider increasing your monthly support by a few dollars.

· If you make one-time gifts, please consider a contribution during this month’s drive.

· Be a recruiter for KUNC! If you know a neighbor, co-worker, friend, family member who listens to KUNC and values the service but isn’t a member encourage them to join you with their membership.

Please know that your membership is greatly appreciated. Thanks for all you do on behalf of all the listening audience.

Be safe,