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A Conversation With Bill Gates About Climate Change

We're talking with Bill Gates about his latest book.
We're talking with Bill Gates about his latest book.

We know climate change is a big problem. We’re already facing some of its consequences. But Bill Gates is one of many on the case. The Microsoft co-founder’s latest book is “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” A feature in The Wall Street Journal called the book an “an optimistic, can-do sort of book, chock-full of solutions.”

But his work hasn’t come without pushback. In The New York Times, longtime climate activist Bill McKibben wrote that Gates’ book “is surprisingly behind the curve on the geeky parts, and he’s worse at interpreting the deeper and more critical aspects of the global warming dilemma.”

We talk with Bill Gates about what it would take to get to a fossil-fuel-free future and how he thinks we can accomplish it.

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Haili Blassingame