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From Rapping, To Writing, To Podcasting, Dessa’s Resume Is Getting Longer (Rebroadcast)

Dessa has been releasing a new single on the 15th of every month.
Dessa has been releasing a new single on the 15th of every month.

The pandemic has meant a major touring hiatus for musical artists. But that hasn’t stopped Dessa from making new music.

In January, she announced a single series called “Ides,” where she releases a new song on the 15th of every month. There’s even one called “Terry Gross.”

From MPR News:

“I did feel ready to release new music, and I thought because we are in this new environment, where touring isn’t possible, there really was no reason to adhere to the tour cycle from the ‘before times,'” she said. “You know where you work on a bunch of songs, you put them out and then you run around promoting them.”

“So instead I decided to do a single series.”

She’s also the host of a new BBC podcast called “Deeply Human.” Oh, and did we mention she has a forthcoming radio drama?

We talk with Dessa about keeping busy over the last year.

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