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The News Roundup — Domestic

Kids play in the Salmon Springs Fountain in Portland, Oregon.
Kids play in the Salmon Springs Fountain in Portland, Oregon.

In the midst of a historic heatwave, President Joe Biden met with governors in affected states, cabinet officials, and private sector partners about the droughts and wildfires. The administration announced it will move to increase pay for federal firefighters.

Missouri has seen a spike in COVID-19 cases likely driven by the highly transmissible Delta variant. Some 3,000 new cases account for a 20 percent jump identified in the state over the last week.

The year-long effort to pass a bipartisan police reform bill in Congress is in jeopardy after the Fraternal Order of Police released a statement warning lawmakers that the work towards an agreeable bill was threatened by “demagoguery and scare tactics.”

We cover the most important stories from around the country on the News Roundup.

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