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Why are tornadoes tormenting the South?

Confirmed or suspected tornadoes destroyed homes and businesses, splinteredtrees,and decimated neighborhoods in 11 states this weekend.At least 32 people have died.

Many of the same areasare now bracingfor another threat of dangerous storms andpossible tornadoes. 

The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center hasdrawn a Level 4 out of 5 risk zone over parts of eastern Iowa, northwesternIllinois,and northeastern Missouri. A second zone with a Level 4 out of 5 risks of severe storms covers aportionof southern Missouri, southeasternOklahoma,and western Arkansas. Forecasters have also warned of fire danger in the days ahead across much of the same region.

PresidentJoe Biden declared broad swathes of the country major disaster areas, making federal resources and financial aid available to support recovery. 

We’ll look at why the region is facing relentless weather and what’s in store for the days ahead.

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Maya Garg