Body camera footage
Boulder Police Department

Boulder Police Officer Who Confronted Student Resigns After Investigation

A Boulder police officer is resigning following a confrontation with a black college student who was picking up trash in his yard. The Boulder Police Department has concluded an internal investigation on the March 1 incident when officers, two of them with guns drawn, confronted Zayd Atkinson.

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Media outlets throughout the Northeast and New England are trying to stay on top of the news about this weekend's blizzard and are looking for reports from readers and listeners about what's going on.

He has to write a book, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange tells the news media in Great Britain, to keep his operation running and to pay the lawyers who are trying to keep him from being extradited from the U.K. to Sweden for questioning about alleged sex crimes.

Deals for books to be published in the U.K. and U.S. will reportedly bring him about $1.7 million.

Some critics of the federal health overhaul can't stand its mandate requiring just about all Americans to have by 2014. Their response? Lawsuits.

Others, on the left, say the changes to the nation's health system didn't go far enough. Their response? Grumbling.

Take a quick break from the snow, the cold and the other "important" news of the day to hear a remarkable voice -- that of the "Ivory Queen of Soul," 54-year-old Teena Marie, who died over the weekend. We've got two pieces to share that include quick clips from some of Marie's hits.

Rose Scott filed this report about the singer for NPR's newscast:

And Ed Gordon interviewed Marie for NPR in 2006:

This headline from The Washington Post is getting attention today:

"Cargo That Flies Over The United States Doesn't Get Screened To Federal Standards."

The gist of the story:

"Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller announced late Sunday that he would continue his challenge in federal court of the write-in election of rival Sen. Lisa Murkowski, but added he would not oppose certification of Murkowski's victory by state election officials," the Anchorage Daily News writes.

Here's a striking passage from this morning's New York Times story about the blizzard that has paralyzed much of the East Coast:

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Thousands of travelers trying to get home after the holiday weekend sat bored and bleary-eyed in airports and shivered aboard stuck buses and subway trains Monday, stranded by a blizzard that slammed the Northeast with more than 2 feet of show. But travel is slowly getting back on track.

On Monday evening, planes began landing again at New York's LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy International Airport. Newark Liberty was expected to start receiving inbound flights early Tuesday. Nearly 1,500 total flights were canceled at all three airports.



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