Boulder Municipal Building
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Boulder Community Calls For Citizen Oversight Board After Police Confrontation

The city of Boulder is grappling with how to move forward after a March 1 police confrontation with a black college student sparked outrage. A video of police confronting Naropa University student Zayd Atkinson — who was picking up garbage in his front yard — went viral. In response, the city was going to have former Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett investigate the incident, but scrapped that plan after Atkinson and others called for a citizen oversight board instead.

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Apple and Cider, the two plump turkeys that President Obama pardoned today, were no doubt the luckiest of the 8.3 million birds the poultry company Foster Farms raised this year.

A jury in Norfolk, Va. convicted five Somali men Wednesday of international piracy, in what the Justice Department calls the first international piracy conviction in the United States since 1820.

Each of the defendants stood quietly, listening to an interpreter reveal their fate: guilty on all counts, including international piracy.

U.S. Attorney Neil MacBride said that conviction alone could send them to prison for the rest of their lives.

Just in time for the giving season, Panera Bread Co. is following up on an interesting social experiment by opening its second shop where customers don't have to pay the suggested prices for sandwiches and other food -- rather, they're allowed to pay what they can.

This one's in Dearborn, Mich., right in the heart of one of the hardest-hit (economically) parts of the nation. The first such Panera Bread Foundation nonprofit cafe is in Clayton, Mo.

Better coverage. Health insurance premiums lower than they would have been otherwise. Millions of Americans eligible for rebates in just a little over a year. Take insurer executives’ giant salaries out of health costs.

One day after what's been called the "worst act of aggression" by North Korea in more than 50 years, the two Koreas "traded retaliatory measures ... with Seoul halting aid and Pyongyang nixing future family reunions," South Korea's Yonhap News Agency writes.

Each year as millions of Americans pack their bags for Thanksgiving pilgrimages, we're bombarded with tales of travel nightmares and advisories that seem a lot like leftovers from Halloween.

The highways will be jammed with lines of cars, the price of gas to get from A to B will break the bank, and a plane ticket will cost an arm and a turkey leg.

The pace of new home sales fell to a near-record low in October, the Census Bureau just reported.

Is said just 283,000 units (that's an annualized rate) were sold, down 8.1% from September. The all-time low since Census started keeping such records in 1963: The 275,000 rate in August.

Earlier, we passed along word on the day's other economic data.

A "day of action" has brought thousands of students into the streets of London, Manchester, Sheffield, Edinburgh and other cities in England and Scotland as they protest plans for tuition hikes and budget cuts at U.K. universities.

As you can see from the live coverage being streamed and blogged by the BBC, there's been some violence. There's also live-blogging over at The Guardian.

The latest economic numbers to consider:

-- The number of first-time claims for unemployment benefits declined to 407,000 last week, the Employment and Training Administration says, from 441,000 the week before. The last time weekly claims were this low: July 2008.

Pop culture and politics came together on ABC-TV's Dancing With the Stars this season, thanks to the presence of Bristol Palin.

And while this blogger did not watch a minute of the show, lots of folks did. So, for those who need to know and might have missed last night's finale (maybe because they were stuck on some highway?):

Bristol, daughter of 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, did not win.



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