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Fort Collins Receives NEA "Our Town" Grant


The city of Fort Collins has received a $100,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

The NEA only awarded grants to 51 communities in 34 states during the inaugural round of “Our Town” funding. Chairman Rocco Landesman says supporting the arts is a critical economic and social driver.

“The three things that make people become invested in their communities are social offerings, openness and aesthetics – in other words the arts.”

In Fort Collins the money will help create the Rocky Mountain Regional Arts Incubator to assist professional artists and students as they develop their careers.

Jill Stilwell is the city’s Director of Cultural Services. She says it will also serve a greater need.

“There aren’t currently any art incubators in the interior west and so this will be hopefully a really great resource not only for Fort Collins but for the region.”

New technology and distance learning will also be used to support continuing education and regional networking. The Rocky Mountain Regional Arts Incubator is expected to be up and running next summer.