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At Wit's End: For 'Nanos' Every Ounce Counts

Jim Hill

In beer mad Colorado we have beers on all scales; Macro, Micro, and now... Nano. Beers of all sizes will be on display starting Thursday at Denver's Great American Beer Festival.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again and again: "It's a good time to brew beer in America." Especially in Colorado, where studies have estimated an economic impact of $446 million. That's a lot of thirsty folks and as Kirk Siegler introduced to us earlier in the week on Morning Edition, there's a whole new brewer trying to quench that demand.

The 'nano.' We were lucky enough to spend some time with Scott Witsoe of Wit's End Brewing Company to get a feel for the latest brewery type trying to sate Colorado's thirst for craft beer.


Wit's End, and 669 other other breweries from Abita Springs to Zanesville will be at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver starting on Thursday. KUNC's Nathan Heffel will be live blogging from the event on Friday, which is good to know since this year, as usual, the GABF is completely sold out.

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