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May The Fourth Be With You Colorado

Flickr - Creative Commons
Aww yeah...it's May the 4th.

Yup… Saturday is Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you. Don’t you feel the disturbance in the force?

For those not familiar with May 4’s significance, it’s a play on “May the Force be with you.” But I really didn't have to tell you that. With every pun intended, fans choose the date to hold events worldwide in honor of the franchise.

Since Denver is a top 10 nerd city, you most likely don't need our help to celebrate. But just in case, here are some of the best ways to celebrate Star Wars Day (in no particular order).

Fly An X-Wing

At least, fly one in your mind. You can visit the only X-Wing signed by Harrison Ford and other members of the cast during “Star Wars at the Hanger” at Wings Over The Rockies in Denver. You can also attend Trooper Training with real Stormtroopers and create your own Ewoks and Wookies in the Galactic Zoology Nursery.

Credit Belén R. Soto / Flickr - Creative Commons
Flickr - Creative Commons

Join The Empire And Hang Out With A Stormtrooper

Colorado has its own garrison of Imperial Stormtroopers. You knew that right? While many from the 501stLegion Mountain Garrison will be gathering for Star Wars at the Hanger, others will visit area comic book stores on the 4th which is also ‘Free Comic Book Day.’ Many local comic book stores are participating in the annual event, including Time Warp Comics in Boulder.

Get In Touch With Your Inner George Lucas

Watch ‘Star Wars Uncut’ and enjoy a real 'special edition' of the movie. The film is a 2 hour mash-up of the original Star Wars from 1977. It’s sweded, meaningfan-made. Each auteur contributed 15 second segments of the entire movie. See all your favorite scenes interpreted in interesting and creative ways.

In that vein, you should get ready for the inevitable fan-made sequel: Empire Uncut. Here’s the trailer so you know what you’ll be in for:


You could also NOT celebrate May the 4th. That’s the wish of the Empire. They even released a helpful public service notice about it.

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