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Be The First To Grow Veggies New To 2014

Campobello Island/Flickr Creative Commons

All America Selections have announced new varieties of vegetables to try in 2014.  Selected from trial gardens around the United States, many of these veggies are compact and just right for containers.

Mascotte Bean is a dwarf, French style bean that produces long, stringless, slender pods that only become a few inches tall and wide. Four or five plants will easily fill a twelve inch container.

The larger Pick-a-Bushel cucumber is a bushy plant growing about twenty-four inches wide. It's vines will drape over the edge of the container with sets of six-inch long fruit producing early and throughout the season; making it ideal for pickling or slicing.

The dark purple fruit of the Patio Baby eggplant produces a high yield for a compact plant and grows in groups of four or five. It will flourish easily on your deck or patio.

Fantastico tomato is another container veggie that produces clusters of grape shaped fruit. Up to twelve pounds of tomatoes can be harvested from each plant.

On the other side of the spectrum of the All American Selections of vegetables are large vining plants like Cinderella’s Carriage pumpkin. The five to seven large pumpkins that grow on its large, trailing vine are ideal for cooking.

Another vining veggie is Chef’s Choice Orange tomato. Its heavy size requires a more robust and sturdy tomato cage to hold it. The orange fruit has a sweet and mild flavor.

For a different experiment from seed to produce, look for some of these selected veggie varieties for your garden this season.

Tom has been offering garden advice on KUNC for almost two decades. During that time he has been the wholesale sales manager at Ft. Collins Nursery, Inc. Since January of 2005 he has been the owner and operator of Throgmorton Plant Management, LLC., a landscape installation and maintenance company as well as a horticultural consulting firm. He lives in northern Ft. Collins with his wife and two kids.
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