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Want To See Colorado's Outdoors From A Wheelchair? There's A Map For That

Credit: F Delventhal
Agency: Flickr - Creative Commons

The outdoors are for everyone, but sometimes it may not feel like it. Wheelchair-accessible hiking trails and natural areas can be hard to find, if they’re even available at all. Boulder Open Spaces and Mountain Parks recently stepped up to the plate with the release of their Accessible Trails Guide [.pdf] - but where else can you go in a state built on outdoor recreation?

With your help, we want to compile our own statewide guide to the outdoors for those with disabilities.

The National Parks Service and other federal agencies are required by law to make certain accommodations for the disabled. Local parks and outdoor spaces are less reliable, often due to forces outside their control. When local municipalities offered little documentation, we turned to Colorado Tourism's Accessibility Guide or blogs like Day Hikes Near Denver, Accessible Nature, TrailLink and The Disabled Traveler’s Companion.

Did we miss something? Please add a suggestion in the comments, let us know on twitter @AnnAwad or @KUNC, or you can email ann.awad@kunc.org.


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