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Holy Pasties, Batman! Denver Comic Con Bans Risque Cosplay, Realistic Props

Stacy Nick
Firearms like these Ghostbusters proton packs would be allowed under the new firearms ban at Denver Comic Con.

While comic book crime fighters can keep donning their capes, tights and masks, organizers of Denver Comic Con have announced a new ban on some other cosplay choices.

In an effort to improve safety and keep the 110,000 attendee-strong event family-friendly, officials with Comic Con’s organizer, Pop Culture Classroomannounced that realistic firearms and showing too much skin are now prohibited.

Included on the banned list:

•Real and replica firearms of any kind – this includes BB guns, cap guns, paintball and pellet guns and airsoft guns

•Any prop firearms that are not easily identifiable as toys

•Projectile weapons of any kind, including Nerf and water guns

•Bladed metal or wooden weapons such as axes, daggers, hatchets, knives and swords, pocket blades, and ninja stars

•Blunt weapons including wooden or metal bats, clubs, brass knuckles, mallets, martial arts weapons, whips, golf clubs, and paddles

•Drones and dirigibles

•Selfie sticks

Additionally, cosplay costumes must – regardless of the wearer’s gender identification – provide a minimum of “sports bra-like” coverage on top with “leotard-type” coverage on bottom.

Prohibited costumes include:

•Thongs or “plumber’s butt”

•Bare chests, singlets, or Vampirella-type costumes

•Costumes where coverage comes primarily from sheer materials, pasties, body paint, liquid latex or prosthetics

•Flesh-colored garments not easily identifiable as clothing from 10 feet away

•Bare or stocking feet

•Rollerblades, roller-skates, or wheelies

All props must be “peace bonded” - a visible lock or tie that makes it clear the weapon is not intended for use. Cosplayers will be given a wristband to indicate that props have been approved by Comic Con staff.

Cosplayers are also advised to put weapon props away when outside the convention site to avoid confusion for the public and members of law enforcement.

Organizers stated that the bans were prompted by survey results following the 2016 Denver Comic Con, as well as similar policy changes from Florida Supercon, Baltimore Comic Con and New York Comic Con.

Denver Comic Con’s complete cosplay rules are available online.

Stacy was KUNC's arts and culture reporter from 2015 to 2021.
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