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Ashley Piccone

News Fellow

Email: piccone33@gmail.com

I am the 2021 American Association for the Advancement of Science Mass Media Fellow at KUNC. My goal is to tell the true stories of science — and make them understandable and fascinating for all.

I am also an astronomy PhD student at the University of Wyoming, where I image and examine the tiny particles of dust between the stars. I graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a degree in Engineering Physics in 2018. In 2020, I began writing for the astronomy blog Astrobites and creating science stories at Wyoming Public Radio.

I was recently named a Future Investigator in NASA Earth and Space Science and Technology. The grant will fund the remainder of my PhD work.

When I’m not chasing down scientists, translating their research, or doing some of my own, you can find me running, hiking, snuggling my cat, or munching on a bagel.