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Crunch Time for Holiday Shipping

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There may be six shopping days left until Christmas, but there’s only a few shipping days left for those packages to arrive in time.

This is crunch time for sending packages through shipping services such as Fed Ex, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service.

“We’re at the height of our season right now,” says USPS spokesman David Rupert. “However, there’s still time. If you want to get your cards and letters in the mail, tomorrow Dec. 20th -- you still have time.”

Despite the threat of slowdowns and closures looming over the postal service, Rupert says shipping has been brisk this holiday season, with an increase of about 5% over last year.

“We hope that’s reflective of the economy. And we know that the mail still means a lot to people, and all of our employees just want to stand together and say that ‘we want it – bring it on.’ It’s a great time to be a postal employee this time of year… even though it’s busy, people are happy with what you’re bringing. So it’s just a great time.”

In addition to Tuesday’s deadline for First-Class letter and package delivery, Priority Mail needs to be sent by Wed. 12/21, and Express Mail by Thu. 12/22.

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