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Northern Colorado Rolling out Help Wanted Signs

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Recent economic forecasts have predicted a slow, but steady pace of growth for the Northern Colorado area in 2012. But things are already off to a brisk pace. On Friday, Englewood, CO-based customer-service company TeleTech Holdings Inc. announced plans to open a state-of-the-art call center in Greeley.

The facility is expected to be open by early February and employ up to 500 people by July with another 500 to follow. “And then as far the guess on the next potential 500 – that’s very dependent upon our client’s options for wanting to expand. We do actually have multiple clients that are very interested in taking advantage of this particular site. So my guess is that it will happen sooner vs. later,” says TeleTech Chairman and CEO Ken Tuchman.

The TeleTech news follows an announcement on Thursday that Houston, TX-based Halliburton would open a $20 million facility in the nearby town of Windsor to support oil and gas drilling in the region. That effort is expected to create up to 500 jobs.

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