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What State Has The Lowest Beer Tax?

Lindsey Gee
Flickr/creative commons

Colorado’s rate is a full six cents above our neighbor to the north.

Wyoming’s tax rate is a staggering $0.02 per gallon, the lowest in the nation. Colorado’s by contrast is $0.08 per gallon, along with other beer loving states like Oregon, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Wisconsin and Missouri are slightly lower with a $0.06 per gallon rate.

Alcohol Tax Rates in Colorado 8¢ per gallon for 3.2% Beer 8¢ per gallon for Malt Liquor (beer) 8¢ per gallon for Hard Cider (apple and pear only) 7.33¢ per liter for Vinous Liquor 60.26¢ per liter for Spirituous Liquor

On the flip side, Tennessee has the highest rate at $1.17 per gallon in excise taxes. According to the Beer Institute, Colorado has 164 breweries statewide while Wyoming only has 15.


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