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Gun Control Measures Haven’t Dissuaded Hunters

Daniel Mayer (Mav)
Wikimedia Commons

Leftover hunting licenses go on sale Tuesday at Colorado Parks and Wildlife offices and retailers statewide. These limited licenses did not sell during the annual drawing process that happened in the spring.

"in fact we saw a 4 percent increase in our applications overall..."

Randy Hampton, spokesperson for Colorado Parks and Wildlife says that so far they haven’t seen a negative impact from gun control measures passed earlier this year.

“We thought there might be some impact to application numbers, the number of people that applied for limited licenses, that didn’t turn out to be the case, in fact we saw a 4 percent increase in our applications overall, still hundreds of thousands of people applying to hunt in Colorado,” said Hampton.

Hampton says with the uptick in applications there are fewer leftover licenses than there were last year. In addition to the approximately 33,000 elk licenses, 6,800 deer licenses and 3,800 pronghorn licenses that will be available, more than 1,500 bear licenses and 120 leftover fall turkey licenses will also go on sale.

Here is the complete list of leftover licenses that go on sale Tuesday, Aug. 6. Hunters should check the current list to make sure that the licenses they are seeking will be available. Once license sales begin, the online list will be updated every 15 minutes.

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