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New Regional Website Shows Multiple Options For Daily Commute

The homepage of mywaytogo.org

A new website created by the Denver Regional Council of Governments hopes to educate commuters on the different forms of transportation offered in the region that get you from point A to point B.

Called My Way to Go, the site provides bus, auto/carpool, light rail, biking and walking options for your trip. You can also find out how much it’ll cost, and how much CO2 you’ll produce.  Steve Erickson with DRCOGsays the site, unveiled this week, will soon be able to evaluate other commuting options.

“Sometime later this year, we’ll actually be able to include car-share and bike-share locations,” said Erickson. “So it’s just a matter of getting that information fed through from organizations that provide those services and being able to show those as well.”

The website covers DRCOG’s eight counties including Douglas, Boulder and Denver. 

Credit mywaytogo.org / DRCOG
A screen capture from mywaytogo.org showing different transit options for a trip from Denver to Boulder

Erickson says the site is one of the first multi-modal trip planning tools created by a regional entity in the country and can be accessed on most mobile phones.

“One of the really great features of this site as well is the ability, over time, to track your trips in terms of what you’re doing everyday and almost keeping score with yourself,” he said.

The site will soon be able to link with social media so you can share your routes with others.

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