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Take A Construction Tour Of RTD's Rail Line To DIA

Jim Hill
The distinctive peaks of the Jeppesen Terminal rise behind the construction underway on the new hotel and train station at Denver International Airport.

Scheduled to open in 2016, construction continues on the 22.8 mile East Commuter Rail Line that will soon whisk riders from Denver’s Union Station to Denver International Airport. In some sections tracks are down, stations are taking shape, and power lines are hung.

The East Commuter Rail Line is part of the larger FasTracks Eagle Public-Private Partnership project. Check out the narrated slideshow below for a behind-the-scenes look in the construction area and some of the progress made on the train line.

East Commuter Rail Fast Facts:

  • 7 planned stations: Union Station, 38th & Blake, 40th & Colorado, Central Park, Peoria, 40th & Airport, DIA
  • 3,529 total parking spaces along the line
  • Top speed of the train will be limited to 79 miles per hour
  • Union Station to DIA will take 35 minutes
  • Ridership is forecast to be a daily average of 37,900 a year by 2030
    Editor's note: this figure has been updated to correct average daily vs/ average yearly ridership.

Credit RTD

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