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Boulder Is Number One In Toilets, Denver Not Too Far Behind

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Boulder residents can officially rest easy knowing that they have the most toilets per person of any city in the country. Denver has a place on the porcelain ranking too. That’s according to Redfin, a real estate broker and technology company, who recently mused on their blog on the cities in America with the most toilets per household.

Tops on their list of thrones?

Boulder, the only city in the country with more toilets than people, has 102 residential toilets for 100 people. Those 305,200 toilets use 5,341,000 gallons of water a day, by Redfin's estimate. 

With a burgeoning tech industry, a density of 4,177 people per square mile and a population growth of 7.5 percent since 2000, the demand for housing is leading to higher prices and larger homes in Boulder. As of September 2014, the median price per square foot was $390, that’s an 18.9 percent increase from 2013. The median list price for houses in Boulder hovers at $750,000.

Denver earned a top 10 privy position, coming in at number six with 94 toilets per person. That's a total of 2,384 toilets that flush an estimated 41,734,000 gallons of water per day. Like Boulder, Denver has also witnessed rapid economic growth, with an increase of 60,000 jobs thanks to the emerging bio-tech, agriculture and agriculture sectors. 

Those looking for a home in the Denver area won't have to pay nearly as much as their neighbors in Boulder with a median list price estimated at $380,000 or $263 per square foot. Boulderites may be able to afford multiple bathroom households, but Denver's family demographic may be the reason for needing so many toilets. Unlike Boulder, which is seeing a drop in family households, Denver has seen an increase of family households with children under 18 from 23.2 percent in 2000 to 52 percent in 2010. 

The demand for larger houses with more bathrooms is a trend that is likely to continue, especially in Colorado. The population here is projected to approach 6 million by 2020. That's nearly a gain of 1 million people in just six years.  

Redfin arrived at these results with a nod to the American Community Survey for housing and population statistics by metropolitan area, and with the help of county recorder data to determine the number of toilets per household. 

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