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What We Know About The Boulder Medical Marijuana Recall

Brett Levin
Flickr - Creative Commons

This post will be updated as we learn more.

An unspecified number of medical marijuana products sold at a Boulder dispensary are being recalled due to pesticide contamination.

This week, Colorado's departments of Revenue, Agriculture and Public Health and Environment jointly issued a health and safety advisory on flower, trim and infused cannabis products sold at Boulder Botanics.

Here are the serial numbers to check on tainted product labels:

  • #JUL2018H.M2.FLO.7.27.18
  • #JUL2018H.M2.PK.7.27.18
  • #JUN2018H.M2.DP.6.19.18
  • #JUN2018H.M2.MSS.6.19.18
  • #JUN2018H.M3.BBSD.6.11.18
  • #JUN2018H.M3.YB.6.11.18

Recreational products were not among those recalled.
The advisory says the affected marijuana, produced in June and July, tested positive for bifenthrin and diuron. Both are possible carcinogens, according to the Environment Protection Agency.

Bifenthrin is a pesticide used to paralyze insects. Diuron is an herbicide used to kill weeds.

Neither is listed on a list of approved pesticides for cannabis production on the Department of Agriculture's website.

The Boulder advisory comes just over a week after another recall. On Nov. 21, health officials recalled medical marijuana products sold at Lush in Denver.

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