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Fort Collins Realigns Bus Routes To Connect With MAX

Grace Hood

Bus rapid transit is coming to Fort Collins, and that means proposed changes to some of the city’s existing bus routes. Jan. 28 marked the first of several outreach meetings aimed at showing off a new MAX bus, and the proposed route changes throughout the city.

Perhaps the most noticeable proposed changes to the Transfortsystem are that many busses will run Monday through Saturday until 10:30 p.m [.pdf]. Some routes have been realigned [.pdf], and will also run at faster frequencies [.pdf].

“It definitely redefines how transit is in North Fort Collins,” said Transfort Service Planner Jerediah Burianek at the community meeting. “The estimated travel time from the South Transit Center to downtown is going to be 20 minutes.”

The currently under construction $87 million MAX system consists of 6 busses and several stations. The North-South route will run along the Mason Street corridor from 5 a.m. to midnight. MAX is expected to launch May 10.

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