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Denkai Animal Sanctuary: Finding Permanent Homes For Adoptable Animals

from Denkai Animal Sanctuary Facebook Page

Get Involved Colorado, is KUNC's monthly series spotlighting a local organization that offers listeners an opportunity make a difference where they live. By volunteering their time, KUNC listeners can make a meaningful contribution and help to build a stronger community. This month, we feature Denkai Animal Sanctuary.

Denkai Animal Sanctuary is a quality of life, no-kill organization dedicated to finding permanent homes for adoptable animals. They are the largest no-kill pet rescue in Northern Colorado.

Denkai's goal is to maintain a sanctuary providing permanent shelter for farm animals, mustang horses, and other domesticated animals, and to rescue unwanted, abandoned and/or abused animals, as well as providing adoption network services and provide information on the care and treatment of animals. Their veterinary clinic offers quality subsidized veterinary care for low-income pets and their families in Greeley, CO and the surrounding area.

Denkai also conducts public educational programs and seminars on preventing animal abuse through newsletters, news releases, and media presentations, and provides a self-sustainable living environment for people and animals through organic gardening, composting, and alternative energy.

In addition, programs for Youth-in-Crisis through Denkai help to teach compassion for animals, people and the environment. Denkai has been influential in tutoring youth that would have otherwise dropped out of school due to academic hardship or problems at home. The Sanctuary has taken in and housed the homeless, veterans, and youth in crisis over the last seven years.

Learn more about Denkai Animal Sanctuary and volunteer opportunities available at

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