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Rocky Mountain Children's Law Center-Transforming Lives For Abused, Neglected And At-Risk Children

From Rocky Mountain Children's Law Center Facebook Page

The Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center transforms the lives of abused, neglected and at-risk children through compassionate legal advocacy, education and public policy reform. For over thirty years, the Children's Law Center has dedicated itself to advocating for Colorado's abused and neglected children, serving over 2,200 children each year.

The Children’s Law Center helps these children in a variety of ways. As court-appointed guardians ad litem, Children’s Law Center attorneys and clinical consultants advocate in court to make sure that children’s mental health, physical care, and educational needs are met while in state care, whether they grow up in foster care, residential treatment facilities or group homes. They also help their clients achieve permanent homes.

The Center’s domestic violence program helps children who’ve experienced domestic violence in their homes, to protect them from the physical and psychological harm that can occur. Volunteer lawyers serve as the child’s voice in court proceedings, and assist the court by making recommendations to ensure the child’s safety and stability.

Credit From Rocky Mountain Children's Law Center Facebook Page

Additionally, the Children’s Law Center attorneys offer an education program to ensure that children who have experienced trauma or who have emotional and behavioral disabilities receive appropriate educational opportunities; CLC staff provide legal information and referrals via a helpline; the Center assists and advocates on behalf of relative and non-relative caregivers to provide safety and stability for the children in their care; as well as training a variety of community groups on child welfare issues.

Volunteer attorneys allow the Children’s Law Center to help hundreds more children every year, providing a voice for a child when otherwise there would be none. The Center trains and supports attorneys interested in volunteering. These volunteers have the opportunity to advocate for a child while working closely with parents and caregivers to keep them safe and to foster healthy family relationships. Other volunteer opportunities include assisting with fundraising events and administration, and occasionally volunteers with language skills are needed to communicate with non-English speaking clients

Find out more about the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center and volunteer opportunities available

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