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Boulder Officials Work To Remove Homeless Encampment


On Friday the city of Boulder began work to clear an encampment of people living out of their cars in the Diagonal Plaza, a shopping center on the city’s northeastern edge. According to the Daily Camera, the encampment recently grew to include “dozens of people” but has been there for many years.

Cathy Alderman with the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless said encampments like these have become increasingly common as more people are struggling to afford living in cities across the state.

“The cost of living, the cost of housing more specifically, have increased substantially, while incomes are not increasing to that degree,” she said.  

In an email Boulder police said they had warned individuals the previous week that if they did not leave the area by Dec. 14 they would be ticketed.

The parking lot where they’re located is private property. Boulder police officials said in an email that they’ve spent several months working with local business owners as well as with members of the City Council “to address their concerns related to the illegal camping.”