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Continuing Coverage Entry: Extensive Flooding Hits Colorado

Credit Grace Hood / KUNC
A view of flood damage near Loveland, Colo. on Sept. 17, 2013.

In September 2013, Colorado saw days of heavy rain that culminated in disastrous flash flooding across a wide geographic area.

KUNC’s team coverage kicked off at 5 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 12 as roads and bridges were washing out, and the flooding was proving deadly. The rain would continue for days, and ultimately cause millions in damage to the state’s transportation infrastructure, washing away homes, businesses and livelihoods. News continued to break the following week as thousands were evacuated from cut-off areas, oil spills were discovered and the full impact of the flooding was starting to be realized.


Our Continuing Coverage entry starts with an early newscast, news spots and comprehensive feature reports that span the first two weeks of the flooding and its immediate aftermath. Subsequent developments in October, November and December show in-depth follow-up coverage with businesses, survivors and local governments. The requirement of one complete report comes at the end of the entry.