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Divided Colorado



What is Divided Colorado?

When we took a close look at the numbers from the 2016 election, one thing stood out to us: the division. From county to county, city to city, you could see the divisions mapped out across Colorado in how people voted -- rural and urban, Democrat and Republican, Western Slope and Eastern Plains.

Colorado is a complex, diverse place.

We want to do a better job of representing it.

Our Divided Colorado project seeks to help us learn more about each other. We want to know what topics create tension at the dinner table, what discussions are banned at your grandparent’s house, what issues are tiptoed around at the office. We want to not just explore those topics, and what makes them divisive, but help both sides of the issue reach an understanding, even if they don’t agree.

Our first question is simple: What question would you ask someone on the opposite side of an issue from you, to help you better understand their perspective?

Our job is not as simple: Find people on both sides, and ask the questions.

Share the prompt with your friends and your enemies. Help us understand a divided state.


How do you collect questions?

We accept questions through this page (welcome!), as well as through email. If you’d like, you can also give us a call at 970-350-0832.

Are there questions you do not accept?

Every question goes into the archive, unless it doesn’t meet basic decency standards -- vulgar, discriminatory or otherwise rude questions will be removed. We reserve the right to not move forward with a question we get on a case-by-case basis.

How do you pick the questions you answer?

KUNC’s editorial team will select questions based on their relevance and if they seem to fit with an overall theme or trend with other questions. If we have a lot to choose from, we may do a voting round and ask for input from our listeners on which questions to move ahead with. We will work with our newsroom to answer the questions.

What happens if my question is selected?

We’ll get in touch with you and let you know, first of all. Depending on the question, and how we decide to report on it, the reporter or an editor will reach out to you to talk and learn more about the question you have. We may ask you to come into the studio or do a quick phone interview, or even ask if you’d like to tag along as we do the reporting.