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Public Opinion Divided on Proposed CSU Stadium

Last night Colorado State University officials in Fort Collins wrapped up a series of public forums aimed at gathering input on whether the school should build a new stadium closer to campus.

The events, which were run by CSU’s Center for Public Deliberation, attracted strong opinions for and against the project. Susan Kieft said she’s worried about the impact of the stadium on residents.

“We live near one of the [proposed] sites,” she said, referring to one site near Spring Creek Gardens. “It’s kind of frightening to think that it could be there.”

Those for the stadium stressed the role it could play in attracting students and donors. CSU alum Billy Burt said he supports the project, and remembers fondly when the school had a sports stadium on campus—back in the ’60s.

“[It] was filled, it was fall, and it was outrageous,” he said. “Then after I got out of the military, it was at the foothills and it just seemed flat.”

Those against the idea said the stadium could be a “distraction” from the academic mission of the university.

CSU President Tony Frank has laid some ground rules for the project, and appointed an advisory committee, which will review the public feedback at a meeting later this month.

Frank has asked the committee to make a recommendation by the end of May.