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CU Holding a Second Meeting on Concealed Carry Gun Permits

KUNC file photo

CU will hold a second town hall meeting on Wednesday to answer questions about the Conceal Carry Act, which allows concealed carry permit holders to bring guns to campus.

Last spring the University of Colorado, Boulder's campus gun ban was struck down by the Colorado Supreme Court, forcing the university to abide by the Conceal Carry Act. The act allows any concealed carry permit holder to bring their weapon not only onto campus, but into university buildings and classrooms.

"Anybody who has a concealed carry permit, whether they are faculty, staff or students or anyone else can bring a weapon on campus. What they can't do is brandish it, take it out, show it people, threaten someone with it, menace someone with it. They're allowed to carry it on their person...and it can't be visible to the naked eye," said CU spokesperson Bronson Hilliard.

Before the fall semester began CU announced that guns will continue to be banned from dorm rooms and ticketed events, but that some family housing will be offered for those permit holders who request it, though according to Hilliard, no one has asked.

Colorado law protects the identity of conceal carry permit owners, making it virtually impossible for professors and students to know who is carrying a concealed weapon. Faculty and staff members voiced their concerns at the first meeting CU held, but Hilliard says the university must abide by the law.

"The only way you know someone has a concealed carry weapon is if they are using it unlawfully in some way," said Hilliard.

Concealed carry permit holders must be over the age of 21 to obtain a permit.

The informational meeting will be held from noon to 1 p.m. Wednesday in the Aspen Rooms in the University Memorial Center on the CU-Boulder campus, and will be attended by top university officials including Chancellor Phil DiStefano and Provost Russell Moore.

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