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Adjunct Faculty Highlighted In CSU Fall Address

Colorado State University

Facing an uncertain funding landscape, Colorado State University President Tony Frank highlighted the opportunities and challenges facing the Fort Collins campus during his annual fall address.

Frank outlined two key initiatives Wednesday. The first focused on launching Ripple Effect, which is working to ensure opportunities and advancement for women on campus.

The second would be to more fully engage the school’s adjunct faculty. Frank said the school will look into boosting pay and benefits for the employees.

“We have ambitious goals for our academic programs at this university,” said Frank. “It’s my belief that we won’t attain them without the full engagement of adjunct faculty.”

While CSU has already made some strides for adjunct faculty like creating a committee for non tenure track employees, Frank said more needs to be done for job security.

"We have ambitious goals for our academic programs at this university."

After several years of declining state funds, the Colorado General Assembly boosted funding this school year for the overall CSU system by about $6 million.

Despite the unfavorable funding landscape, Frank said now is the time to take the challenges CSU is facing head on.

“There’s a case to be made that now is the wrong time to take on new challenges. But ask yourself this question. If we don’t take up these challenges who will? If we don’t take them up now, when will we?”

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