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FEMA PrepareAthon Gets You Ready In Case Disaster Strikes

Eddie Codel
Flickr-Creative Commons

If you were at work and a disaster occurred, would you know what to do? According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, most people do not. The agency says 70 percent of Americans haven't participated in an emergency drill or exercise, besides a fire drill, at their office, school or home for the past two years. Their study also states 50 percent of Americans don't have an adequate emergency plan.

Along with state and local officials, FEMA is hoping to change that during a National Day of Action.

"This month we are going to put a lot of emphasis on having a communication plan; knowing how to reconnect and reunite with family, and making sure that you have the tools and the supplies that you need to be better prepared," said Gwen Camp, director of FEMA's Individual and Community Preparedness Division.

To that end, FEMA is holding a series of events September 30 in hopes Coloradans will become more prepared for disasters, including a tour of Denver's Office of Emergency Management operation center which includes a 'lunch and learn' session focused on emergency preparedness.

The Mile High Chapter of the American Red Cross will also hold an all day event on the same day specifically for businesses and organizations on responding, and recovering from a disaster.

FEMA suggests simple steps can be taken to better prepare yourself for a disaster including signing up for text alerts from local law enforcement and downloading severe weather apps on your smartphone.

The agency also recommends creating a simple emergency supply kit for each member of the family and deciding on a specific meeting place since a local disaster could strike when family members are in different locations. 

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