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Aurora Public School staff and teachers may soon see an 8.5% raise

Children sit in a classroom, facing the front where the teacher stands.
Kenny Eliason

Teachers and staff in Aurora are looking at a potential salary increase in the next school year starting this Fall 2022.

Superintendent of Aurora Public Schools Rico Munn said the agreement would bring about an 8.5% raise for licensed staff, including classified and administrative.

“It’s a competitive marketplace,” Munn said to KUNC, “and we want to make sure that we are providing our staff with an appropriate compensation package and make sure that we are looking attractive to anybody who is thinking about where they want to work within this industry.”.

Munn said he’s “very proud” of the work that was done between the administration and the teachers union, “and through that process, we were able to come to this tentative agreement.”

The Superintendent said that in previous years, to maintain competitiveness in the market, all staff have seen their wages rise by roughly 34% over five years.

Before the increase can be applied, the agreement has to get final approval from the board, and it needs to be ratified by the teachers’ union. The process will start after the summer break.