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Colorado State University, Governor's Energy Office Collaborate on Energy Efficiency


Colorado State University and the Governor’s Energy Office have signed an agreement; they will work together to enhance energy efficiency in state agencies.

Some 30,000 state employees are mandated to cut energy consumption by 2010. That includes reducing the use of water, paper and energy in every day operations.  That effort started a couple of years ago – and since then, the state has collected extensive data on energy consumption.  

“The state has set up a monitoring system where they know down to the vehicle, down to the building, different divisions within state government – how much fuel they’re using per square foot, electricity per employee, gallons of gas per vehicle in different parts of the government,” says Scott Denning, CSU professor, managing the program at the university’s Center for Multiscale Modeling for Atmospheric Processes, or CMMAP.

CSU researchers will use that date to determine what is and isn’t working as the state workforce continues to cut its energy consumption.  In addition, Denning says, the university will help with education and outreach efforts throughout state agencies. 

About the Governor’s Energy Office

The mission of the Governor’s Energy Office (GEO) is to “promote sustainable economic development in Colorado through advancing the State’s energy market and industry to create jobs, increase energy security, lower long-term consumer costs, and protect our environment,” and the Administration’s efforts to make state government more efficient and effective while focused on activities that are essential.

For more information about the greening government program, go to



About the Center for Multiscale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes at Colorado State University

The Center for Multiscale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes, or CMMAP, is one of 17 current Science and Technology Centers sponsored by the National Science foundation. CMMAP is a partnership of research and educational institutions, government agencies and industry. The center conducts cloud-modeling research and promotes the education of a diverse scientific workforce. CMMAP communicates its findings to the general public, to policy makers and to centers that predict weather and climate. For more information about CMMAP, go to:



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