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Denver Trash and Recycling Service Goes Greener

Republic Services

Some of Denver’s garbage and recycling trucks will soon be a little greener... at least on the inside.

The Republic Services Denver Metro Division plans to convert their 130-vehicle fleet of trucks from burning diesel to compressed natural gas.

With so many heavy-duty vehicles logging thousands of miles on a daily basis, company officials say the conversion to CNG will have a significant impact on the region’s air quality.

“Every individual passenger car that would convert to a cleaner-burning fuel will make a difference,” says Republic Services’ municipal sales manager Mark Petrovich.  “But when you take something that puts approximately 18,000 miles a day on the roads here, and convert – that puts a bigger dent in the greenhouse gas emissions.”

And Petrovich says the conversion can help boost job creation efforts, with abundant domestic supplies of natural gas -- much of it in Colorado. The company plans to have Denver’s conversion completed by 2013.

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