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Sights And Sounds From A Dark And Stormy Night In NoCo

Agency: youtube.com

Another round of severe storms raged across Northern Colorado last night, bringing up to one inch in diameter hail, heavy rain, and reports of tornados. We've gathered some audio, video and tweets from the latest wave of severe weather.

Video by WebDesignByJack

Authorities are assessing damage and at least one road is closed after strong storms skipped across Colorado last night.

The Colorado Department of Transportation says US 85 remains closed north of Greeley because of flooding from the storms, and Major King of Channel 7 News reports US 392 has been completely washed away.

The storm slowly moved into the Greeley area around 9 last night. I recorded audio of the storm moving over west Greeley dropping heavy rain and pellet size hail fell from the sky. The hail was large enough to set off a car alarm. Listen to this:


In Elbert County, Officials reported one minor injury and damage to eight houses, including two that were missing roofs and others with broken windows. They also received a report of one minor injury and standing water on two roads. In El Paso County 2 inch diameter hail was reported near Peterson Air Force Base.

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