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VIDEO: See 28 Years Of Changes In Colorado Pass Right Before Your Eyes


This was described to us on Twitter as 'amazing.' It's a sentiment you'll agree with as you watch cites grow, roads move, and land change.

The video was put together by Randall Boone from the National Resource Ecology Laboratory's department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability based at Colorado State University. It shows the evolving changes throughout Northern Colorado as seen by the eye in the sky of Landsat 5.

Highlights include watching DIA appear out of empty fields starting at the 1:45 mark and seeing Fort Collins grow up at 1:13. Pay particular attention to area reservoirs, watching them rhythmically emptying and filling again with the drought cycles.


H/T to @NREL_EcoPress for the pointing this one out to us.

I’m not a Colorado native (did you know that "I'm from Missouri" means "I'm skeptical of the matter and not easily convinced?") but I have lived here for most of my life and couldn't imagine leaving. After graduating from Colorado State University, I did what everyone wants to do; I moved to the mountains and skied, hiked, and hid from responsibility! Our listeners in the mountains may know me from my time in Steamboat Springs and Vail or as the voice of the Battle Mountain Huskies Hockey team in Vail.
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